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TRX Upper Body Strength

Updated: Nov 23, 2021

I'm excited to share my top TRX upper body moves to build your strength and power!

TRX is hands down one of my favorite pieces of fitness equipment to build full body strength. It's super portable and can be secured to all kind of anchors: monkey bars, fence, tree or underbelly of a pier as shown in this video. The brilliance is how easily you can adjust the intensity of the move by simply playing with your angle to the anchor mount (where the TRX strap is secured above your head).

The lat row move is a great example. Walk your feet away from anchor mount to a more vertical upright position with your body to perform the move with less bodyweight resistance – great for beginners. As your strength builds, move your feet closer to the anchor mount. You'll feel how much tougher it is to do each rep with more bodyweight to pull! Play with your feet and angle to add intensity or lighten the load.

In this video, you'll see a few of my favorite TRX upper body strength moves. To create your own circuit, choose 5 exercises. Do 10 reps of each move. Complete 4 total rounds.

Here's an index of moves:

• Lat Row

• Bent Knee Lat Row

• Shoulder Y

• Shoulder W

• Shoulder T

• Standing Saw

• Tricep Extension

• Chest Press

• Bicep Curl

• Single Arm Row w/Rotation

• Chest Fly

If you'd like private training with TRX, shoot me an email, and let's build your strength and power together!

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