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Metabolic Reset 

Unlock your fat burning potential in my 4-week program that teaches you how to eat, move, and manage stress to reset and revitalize your metabolism with a community of people who share and support healthy behavior and goals.  

Program dates: Jan 9 - Feb 5

Program Benefits

  • Unlock weight loss resistance 

  • Teach your body how to access fat stores to convert into energy 

  • Feel balanced energy all day long

  • End cravings and hangry mood swings

  • Feel empowered over food choices

  • Learn how to boost athletic performance with the right ratio of macro nutrients for you

  • Optimize immune and gut health with nutrients and minerals from whole food sources

  • Reconnect back to your natural hormone cues for appetite and satiety

  • Regain trust and body confidence to feel good in the skin you're in

Weekly Timeline

Week 1

Pantry clean out and makeover. Cut our sugar and refined carbs from diet. Learn detox strategies to remove toxins from the body. 

Week 2

Learn how to eat for a healthy metabolism choosing foods, exploring recipes, and making meals, including meals on the go. 

Week 3

Introduce 24 hour broth fast and learn fasting and movement strategies to recharge metabolic health. 

Week 4

Return to your regular metabolic diet, understanding the principles of metabolic flexibility and feeling empowered to know what to eat, when to eat, and when to pause based on your body's natural cues and hormone cycles. Feel stronger, leaner, healthier and energized about your diet and relationship with food. 

What's Included

  • Metabolic nutrition plan

    • Whole food recipes

    • Meal planning guide

    • Macro nutrient recommendations

    • Product swaps, metabolic meal makeovers, pantry clean out guide and shopping list

  • Yoga 5 Class Pack for any class I teach at Yoga Barn

    •  Yoga Strong - Tue 7p • Wed 9:30a • Thur 7:30a

    • Soul Flow - Sun 9:00a 

  • 4 Group Health Coaching sessions at Yoga Barn on Tuesdays (after my Yoga Strong class), 8:15-9:15p

    • Dates: Jan 11, 18, 25 & Feb 1

    • Health coaching sessions will be available to join remotely through Google Meet

  • Online community group to connect with fellow met-resetters

  • Healthy habits that support a lifetime of vibrant health


Full Package - $125 (includes 5 live yoga classes at Yoga Barn)

Remote Package - $75 (does not include yoga classes)

MR Pricing
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