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YOGA Classes

Develop your fluid strength moving through dynamic flows and static holds that rejuvenates as it challenges and tones the entire body, while deepening balance, flexibility and well-being.

Beginners welcome in every class. 

Please remember to bring your mat and water. 

  • Yoga Barn • Move with soul & strength, set to a high vibing playlist

    20 US dollars

Floating Yoga Classes

Release the pressures of life and return to your center. A floating yoga practice helps you soak in the serenity of nature under a  prismatic sky, revitalizing your well being.  

Beginners welcome in every class.


Stable, floaty paddleboards provided in all classes.

At some locations, you can bring your own board for a discounted rate.

Please read class descriptions for more details. 

  • 8/30 • On the Magothy River

    From 24 US dollars
  • 7/30 10a • Learn stroke fundamentals and enjoy a sweet glide on calm w...

    From 24 US dollars
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